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Where data science meets the data-driven people.

Data Analytics Group is the data-science community at EPFL. Whether you are a novice and are just curious about the topic, or are a data science aficionado, you are in the right place.

Discover about real-world applications through our talks, workshops and events. Consolidate your skills and be interview-ready with our coding challenges. Stay up to date with our curated newsletter. All you need to do is join the community!


Digital Consulting Roundtable x The Consulting Society

When consulting meets data science, through the eyes of top consulting firms...  Read more

Data Science at CSEM

Discovering how data is leveraged in research in a prestigeous Swiss research and development organization...  Read more

AI in Industry: Neural Concept

How deep learning is used to enhance physics-driven optimization... Read more

AI in Industry: Microsoft

A Senior AI Specialist at Microsoft shares how AI is concretely applied in industry... Read more

Coding Challenges

Want to freshen up your skills before a coding interview? 

Looking for a fun way to expand your Python skills while winning prizes?

Data Analytics Group's Coding Challenges is the perfect package: short and engaging code exercises that you can use to prepare for a job interview or that you can complete as part of our community's challenges!


A curated newsletter

Data Analytics Group prepares a weekly newsletter where you can find out about exciting advances in the domain and the latest data science news.

We also post about jobs and internship openings in companies we believe could interest the community, and you can get access to all our events and challenges through the newsletter.

Forum and discussion spaces

We bring together students with a common interest together from all around the campus. 

Join the community to access our dedicated Telegram channel and follow our social media to see our projects around data science and the people behind it!